Arrived in the Southampton Port at 7:00am. The ship disembarkation commenced at 8:30 am. We had 3 couples leaving on 3 different airlines at 2 different terminals all around a 12:00 noon departure out of LHR Heathrow.
TCC and I’m sure their very best driver MAX, made the diverse & complicated journey to London’s Heathrow as smooth and easy as if they are an extension of the very cruise we had just completed. 14 days of luggage per person included duffle bags, hanging bags, large hard cases all promptly load according to terminal drop off at Heathrow. I can’t say enough about the Driver Max and his professionalism and helpfulness. He MADE the trip! I feel as if it was his own company the way he went above and beyond in his duties. What a great asset, if he doesn’t own part of TCC.
All worked so well and we are very grateful to Max for making all our flights with the ease and graciousness of a very professional driver with the level of courtesy so unexpected in todays service industry.
Kudos to Max and TCC Southampton!


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